Clothing Info

Product Supplier

To ensure our products keep their premium quality, our products are sourced from AS Colour. AS Colour design and manufactures quality basics because they believe in taking their time when it comes to every product, ensuring they last the test of time. All of our our shirts use fine combed cotton fabrics, which are designed specifically for screen printing and digital printing, making them work better than basic carded or uncombed cotton.A photo of the AS Colour store

Product Printer

Our product printer, ThePrintBar, is a Brisbane based printing company, with locations in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Their stores are run by a team of designers, artists and print specialists with their goal being to take their client's plans and dreams from ideas to print; they believe there's a creative thread in everyone.

Online Order Fulfilment

Our online order fulfilment service provider, OGO, offers a print-on-demand or fulfilment service that spreads throughout Australia using the Shopify platform as a base. They not only print the clothing, but have a team happy to help and grow with your business needs.A photo of the OGO fulfilment centre

Social Responsibility

All factories producing our products are hand-picked factories with safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions and are all certified Child Labor Free to a manufacturing level. All products follow a code of conduct ensuring compliance and commitment to social responsibility while ensuring that we help you make informed purchases.