About Us


Sizy began as an idea. The idea was to create something that both the producer and the client love in terms of quality and style. We focus on exclusive designs created by unique Australian designers and believe our unisex premium apparel will stylishly last the test of time. We proudly boast that our clothing is made without child labour and we ensure compliance and commitment to social responsibility; we're always looking to innovate.
A photo of the seasons natural teeIn late 2016 thoughts where being transferred into ideas in the form of certain types of designs being made to suit certain types of premium clothing. The next process was shaking up the standard positioning and styles that most clothing brands are founded on. Using this point we created styles that are both lovable and unique. At this time a year had past and little had happened although logistics, costing, and sourcing where in the works.
Moving until the start of 2018, many designs had been finalised and partnerships had been made; everything was ready to go. Then, on the fateful day of March 13, 2018, Sizy launched the initial 4 designs with the rest being history.

Bait Streetwear

Bait Streetwear is a clothing label based in Brisbane that aims to produce fresh and unique designs as well as bringing you top quality apparel 100% of the time. We look forward to making our mark in the Australian streetwear scene.A photo of the knotted blue tee

Fadez & Bladez

Fadez & Bladez is an industry leading men's barbershop located in Brisbane, Australia. They produce quality, demand and consistency that are required for modern trends in men's styling and grooming.A photo of the original black tee