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Sizy began as an idea. The idea was to create something that both the producer and the client love in terms of quality and style. We focus on exclusive designs created by unique Australian designers and believe our unisex premium apparel will stylishly last the test of time. We proudly boast that our clothing is made without child labour and we ensure compliance and commitment to social responsibility; we're always looking to innovate.

We truly started in late 2016 when ideas were being thrown around. This mess of ideas spent about a year being moved around in a document until we felt a little more confident that we had something we thought people would actually enjoy owning. Then with little to no experience we jumped right into the deep end. We looked at standard clothing, said yeah nah, and decided to do things no one would really expect to see; we wanted to create styles that are both unique and loveable.

Moving to the start of 2018, many designs had been finalised and partnerships had been made; everything was basically ready to go. Then, on the fateful day of March 13, 2018, we launched our initial 4 designs with the rest being history.

Bait is something special all on its own. Being a clothing brand that aims to produce fresh and unique designs that truly give you a sense of drip, Bait has only been on an upward trajectory since its conception. They’ve been looking forward to making their mark in the streetwear scene one design at a time.

The Fadez & Bladez barbershop was founded and serviced by master barber, Michael Fonti in December 2013. After opening their doors for the first time on February 6, 2014, they've have been in high demand for our quality cuts, attention to detail and fair pricing.

Since then, the Brisbane based barbershop has gained the interest of not just the locals, but also the likes of professional rugby players, earning Fadez & Bladez the title of an industry leading men’s barbershop.