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Most people will know the basics of washing clothing, but did you know custom printed clothing needs to be done differently? Below is a neat list of some of the stuff to consider that will help your clothing last for as long as humanly possible!

There are many ways to wash clothing, but in general here are some of the basics you can easily do for printed design clothing:

  • Make sure you put it on cold wash
  • Hang that bad boy in the shade
  • Please don't iron on print, just do it cool and quick on the inside
  • Beware of those harsh chemicals
  • Wash your clothing inside out
  • Avoid your dryer if possible
If for some reason your design does fade, we can't really offer you a refund, but we can recommend that you keep wearing it! Why would I keep wearing it? You're probably asking yourself this question right now. We recommend this because it can give it the ol’ vintage look. We know not everyone will like this style, but we certainly do recommend it as it's beneficial for the environment not to just waste still perfectly good clothing. Another thing is if your clothing rips, wear it as is or just try to repair it. In a world full of fast fashion and waste we want to encourage you to look beyond the social norms and own your own cool clothing.